Our turn-key project builder is back!  Blackbird Custom Sessions strives to give you the highest quality recording experience from start to finish.  Whether you are starting out with just an idea in mind or you already have an established band and just don't know all the steps to making your album, we are here to help.  We will set you up with a producer, engineer, book rooms for tracking, overdubs, mixing, book the players, record the sessions, send off to mastering, and even get your project ready for distribution.  All of this at an affordable rate that will work within whatever your budget dictates.  Check us out and let us help make your next project a reality!  

Working at Blackbird Studio

You'll track, mix and overdub in some of the greatest rooms in the world!  Known for it's extensive gear collection, Blackbird also boasts 9 recording spaces, which give our clients the vibe needed to be at their most creative, capturing the magic of making a record.

Bryan Clark - Producer/Engineer/Musician

Bryan Clark - Producer/Engineer/Musician

Featured Engineer

Blackbird Custom Sessions features top engineers that know how to make top selling albums.  Whether you are a country act or heavy metal rock band we have talented people ready to help craft that sound.  

How does it work?

Contact us and say that you are interested in putting together a "Blackbird Custom Sessions".  We ask you a few questions like: What kind of genre is your music?  When are you available?  What kind of budget do you have in mind?  These give us the building blocks to put you together with the right people to make your project a success!

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