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What is Tracking?

Tracking is the first step in the recording process after your songs are written.  Typically if you are using session musicians they will chart out the songs based on your demo.  If all you have are lyrics and no idea what the melody will be, then you'll need to spend some time working with a songwriter or producer first.  We don't want to waste your time and money if you are not ready for tracking. 

What are Overdubs?

Overdubs can be with the full band or individual musicians, but this process involves going "over" the main tracks and taking multiple versions.  These are then edited by selecting the best takes making the multiple parts seamless. 



What about Mixing?

Mixing involves laying out all of the tracks on their own faders, busing some together, sending some through effects and making space for all the instruments.  The human ear can only hear a finite frequency range, so the mix engineer's job is to fit all the different parts together into something that not only sounds good, but hopefully creates an emotional connection for the listener.